Dedicated Server

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Dedicated Server

DDoS Protection

All our servers are subject to a large firewall of service volume attacks, providing firewalls protection from all attacks, protecting your server from any potential attacks.

IPMI Service

Through which you can connect to your server and perform special commands such as installing a new operating system, closing, opening and restarting the server, and monitoring server performance.

Advanced Network

The servers of CERF connect an advanced network of up to 1 gbit/s, which provides you with a very quick connection to your servers and sites and the speed of execution of requests and orders.

High Presence Services

We offer high quality presence services, most importantly, database synchronization servers, browsing load servers. etc., all of these files are important for large websites that work on more than one server.

Permanent Observation

Our servers are subject to close monitoring on a 24-hour basis, to intervene immediately in case of any incident, which will maintain the stability and safety of the server at all times.

Fully Automated Environment

We provide you with all the services automatically from the beginning of your server's request until it is received and equipped with the required operating system and partition.

Automatic Backups

Your server is linked to an automatic external backup system, which copies all your data and maintains it off-server.

Technical Support 24/7/365

A massive team of highly experienced engineers and technicians in the field of hosting, are always ready to assist you all day and provide you with full technical support.


Dedicated Servers

Our Dedicated Server…

They are provided with specifications matching with the customer’s request and the requirements that provide stability to its sites, as long as distinguished prices comparing to the quality, efficiency and protection provided, we also ensured that the server request process is always smooth and simple. Apply now and request the specifications that suit you and we will provide you with the rate and processing time as soon as possible.

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